IoT for environmental monitoring


RF design

PCB design



MOBILE WEATHER DATA tracking measurement system

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WEB platform

Compact, portable, instant installation multi-sensor for temperature, humidity and pressure tracking, featured with a patent pending system for solar radiation error correction.

An easy to use APP for real-time data visualization and upoload to the cloud.

Archive, statistics and avanced visualization tools.

An agile but features-rich web platform for maximizing data value extraction, by map and graph based user interfaces.


HW consulting
Antenna consulting

Antenna design

Antenna matching


Iotopon was founded by Juri Iurato and Timoteo Galia.

Both Timoteo Galia and Juri Iurato have a master degree in electronic engineering and a wide experience in the telecomunication and electronic products sector, with many years spent at multinational focused on mobile phone and IoT modules design and production.


SW (full stackup)



IoT consulting

MeteoTracker is a low-cost, high-accuracy system for mobile acquisition and tracking of weather data, potentially transforming any vehicle in a traveling weather station. MeteoTracker consists of a multi-sensor to be installed externally on a vehicle, an APP mobile and a WEB platform and performs spatially continuous weather data acquisition, addressing the severe limitation of the standard fixed weather stations network, whose spatial undersampling does not allow the even more demanded high-resolution weather and climate characterization.



IoTopon is an innovative startup focused on the Internet of Things with special focus to Weather and Environmental data collection and management, by means of devices for mobile data acquisition connected to fully integrated sw platforms. IoTopon offers IoT, HW and antenna consultancies services, as well.